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Balloons, streamers, brightly wrapped gifts.


Delicious cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles and milkshakes with striped straws...


We all love them.

They are a celebration.



Children are innocent and loving,

naughty and adorable.

It starts small and messy.


Pregnancy always does, with tears, sweat and anxiety.

But then beauty unfolds.

The first gurgle. The first smile. The first laugh. The first step.


With each birthday candle and each passing year,

potential for amazing possibility unfolds.




You'll never know if you don't




Millions of mums around the world are seeing their baby for the first time.


Are you pregnant too? 

Take a deep breath. It's not all over. In fact, it has just begun.



The following organisations, while not being affiliated in any way with Voice4Life, are chosen for their deep compassion and love for expectant mums, dads and their unborn children.

Pregnancy Counselling Australia - supportive and confidential.
Life Choice Australia - you are not alone.
The Babes Project - support for all women and their babies.
Women's Life Centre Bundoora - our caring team is ready to listen

Open Doors Counselling - someone to talk to.

Pregnancy Assistance Frankston - free support for any woman in a crisis pregnancy.

New South Wales:

Catholic Care Pregnancy Support - free and confidential.

Diamond Women's Support - the information you need.

Pregnancy Help Sydney - talk to someone who understands.

Hope House Western Sydney - there is always hope


Priceless House - explore your choices.

Pregnancy Crisis - free, non-judgmental services.

Eva's Place - we are here to help.

South Australia:

Pregnancy Support Centacare - everyone treated with respect and dignity.

Birthline Pregnancy Support - no cost and confidential.

Pregnancy Help SA - you are not alone.

Genesis Pregnancy Support - we're here to listen and support.

Western Australia:

Pregnancy Assistance  (East Perth) - we provide compassionate care.

Pregnancy Assistance (Bunbury) - a safe and welcoming environment

Pregnancy Problem House - whatever you decide, we’re here for you. 

Pregnancy Matters - we are here to come alongside you.


Esthers Australia - free counselling, advocacy and practical support for women.

Pregnancy Counselling and Support Australia - free and confidential services for all concerned people.

Get in touch.

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